Either our elected officials in the House are complete uneducated idiots, or they know what they are doing is unconstitutional. They also know that they can get away with this kind of outrageous behavior because the general populace is also uneducated and that the mainstream media will cover for them.

Individual responsibility is the bedrock of our legal system, that is why the only people who are arrested, tried, and convicted are those that committed the crime. The actual people that break the law are the criminals. Leftists always want to not only associate the politician who those criminals listen to, but they also now have taken the revolutionary step to try to convict the politician associated with those criminals. That is not the American way.

Constitutional scholar, best-selling author, and former Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz said that the Democrats’ latest attempt to impeach President Donald Trump is “unconstitutional” because you cannot impeach someone for engaging in “constitutionally protected speech. “It is not a high crime or misdemeanor“, said Dershowitz.


Another really well thought out article that makes the obvious points that the media and most Leftist politicians miss: He did not incite anything, much less insurrection. And the most

Some might think that Trump’s statements could be pigeonholed into a more nebulous “corruption” or “abuse of power” theory of impeachment. But it is irrelevant how the allegations are reframed or titled. If Trump’s speech is protected by the First Amendment, Congress cannot impeach him for that conduct. The label is irrelevant. 

Even the usually leftist magazine Newsweek allowed to be printed this article: https://www.newsweek.com/impeachment-over-protected-speech-would-harm-constitution-opinion-1560512

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