Progressive Cult or Conservative Cult?Katie Couric wants to deprogram conservatives.

Which side of the aisle behaves more like a cult? Can we take an objective look at this? Because Katie Couric thinks that Trump followers are the cult, and she wants to deprogram you:

Our core American problem is that the Free Press no longer acts as the “Fourth Estate” anymore, acting as a watchdog on the entire government, on behalf of the entire people. The media is completely biased, and they don’t even bother to try to hide it anymore. We’ve all known they have been liberals and leftists for 30 years, but most tried to give the perception that they were fair, balanced, or neutral. Not anymore. Today’s young people have never known what a neutral newspaper or neutral news cast looks or sounds like!

The Right has some extreme elements, and most conservatives cringe when they rear their ugly heads and behave poorly and immorally, as some may have done Jan 6th at the Capitol. But that is maybe 100 people (if that) out of the 50,000 people that were there. And of the 50,000 many were Leftists, and of the hundreds that entered the capitol and did the damage, all or most of them were Leftists masquerading as Trump supporters.

The Left treats politics as their religion in lieu of an actual religion. And their favorite politicians are charismatic leaders like Barack Obama. I could write dozens of posts about how much the Left is like a cult (read this description yourself and see if it fits the Left or Right).

The bottom line is that if the Right is a cult, it is the cult of freedom and Americanism. It is the cult that all Americans have proudly risked their lives and treasure for, and have died to protect. And that is the cult Americans should be proud to be a part of.

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